From classic to wester, from vintage to the most sophisticated: the Sergio Gavazzeni belt collection responds to every masculine look.

Strip of skin, buckle, barb, eyelet, loop. These are the elements common to all the belts: it is so from the Bronze Age. Your ancestors, your grandparents and yes, even your father, have been forced by tradition to match the belt with the shoes. If you like it, go ahead. The rule is always valid. Be careful, however, to also accompany the buckle to the decoration of the shoe. And I would like to be right even if I used the belt as a male accessory capable of transforming an ordinary look into something very personal and therefore detached from any color and shape constraint.

Whether you belong to the heritage category or whether you belong to the self-made man creed, there is a collection - rigorously made in Italy - ready to satisfy your creed. The collection of belts in question is branded Sergio Gavazzeni, brand of the Dora company, captained by the Gavazzeni family. And Sergio is the name of the founder who in 1979 in Rovato, a small town caressed by the famous vines of Franciacorta, opened a business specialized in the production of belts with high craftsmanship value.

The most famous national and international prêt-à-porter labels have chosen the Brescian opificio product. The years pass. You become great. The children Elena and Pietro also enter the factory as well as their wife Katia who has always been there. The Gavazzeni family creates the need to have its own line in which to express creativity, hand art, research and style. This is how a collection of belts was born, capable of refining different styles.

Therefore, Sergio Gavazzeni completes the most classic style with belts with a formal flavor; an example is certainly the clean lines of the saffiano. But it also embraces the most extravagant with western-style models characterized by incisions and choice of leather-colored leathers combined with knurled buckles. To these are added the belts with a purely vintage taste in which the use of studs and laser treatments is appreciated, which give the belts a natural worn effect.

The choice of raw materials is exaustive: from leather to wool through the finest leathers like crocodile and python. An obviousness, talking about extra-ordinary colors if we talk about a brand that really can satisfy every inspiration. And if you feel the need to wear the belt to something that is not necessarily your footwear, you can always try with the bracelets. In fact, to enrich the collection is a capsule of leather bracelets embellished with studs and stones.