The style is perceived in the smallest details. And if the woman can enjoy different escamotage, the man does not have many weapons available. Once you have chosen a dress of excellent manufacture, you must go in search of the right accessories. It is not just a question of aesthetics, of form or color, man asks for something more to the accessory he chooses and wears: it must be functional, durable and of first quality. Peculiarities that often fail or, more often than not, one excludes the other.

Today we want to introduce you to a Made in Italy company. Indeed, pardon, Made in Franciacorta. Yes, right on the famous Italian vineyards. It was 1979 when Sergio Gavazzeni opened his company and took the path of leather goods. Over the years his savoir fair has been noticed and appreciated by several prêt-à-porter stylists: success is immediate.

The next step takes place with the support of the family and, in particular, of the second generation, the sons Elena and Pietro: the Sergio Gavazzeni brand is born. A real impetus, strong that the heritage is a family affair. So, why not try?

In these four years, the company starts offering its own belt collections.

This accessory, as far as it can be concealed, is an important point if it is a masculine style: it must be chosen according to the shoes that will be worn together. For the winter of 2018, Sergio Gavazzeni goes, however, over and makes his first capsule collection of men's bracelets.